Dental Crowns – West Loop Chicago 

Protect Your Broken Teeth

Sometimes, your natural enamel isn’t enough to protect the inside of your tooth. Whether it’s cavities, cracks, or complete fractures, your pearly whites can become damaged and leave you vulnerable to serious oral health issues. Fortunately, a well-placed dental crown from our team at Washington Dental Care can repair your broken tooth!

Dental crowns are a fast and easy way to address all kinds of discomfort. If you’re dealing with tooth chips or cracks in or around West Loop Chicago, give us a call today and we’ll fit you for one as quickly as possible.

Why Choose Washington Dental Care For Dental Crowns? 

  • Sophisticated Dental Imaging Technology for Precise Restorations
  • Experienced Dental Team Dedicated to your Needs
  • Natural, Durable Restorations Made From the Highest-Quality Materials

What Is a Dental Crown?

3 D model of a dental crown

Generally speaking, a dental crown is a style of dental restoration used to cover up a tooth that has been damaged. A dentist removes a portion of your enamel to make room for the crown, then places it over your tooth.

Dental crowns are used most often in situations where a tooth has been severely damaged, too much so for a filling to be effective. If you have a tooth that has suffered trauma but doesn’t need extraction, a dental crown could be perfect for you. We’ll be able to talk more about whether you’re a good candidate at a consultation. 

The Process of Getting a Dental Crown

3 dental crowns made from different materials lying on a table

Like most procedures, the process of getting a dental crown from us begins with a consultation. We’ll start by using sophisticated imaging software to model your current tooth and design a dental crown that will suit it perfectly. We’ll also talk with you about what you want in terms of material.

Most of our dental crowns are made of some kind of ceramic, with porcelain and EMAX being some of the most common.  These materials vary in durability and cost, so we’ll talk with you about both your needs and your budget.

We’ll then prepare the tooth by removing a small amount of enamel and covering it with a temporary crown until your permanent crowns are ready. We’ll send our designs to a lab to be milled, and when we receive your crown a few weeks later, we’ll invite you back to our office to adhere it into place.

Benefits of Getting a Dental Crown

Woman’s teeth being measured against a shade guide

Damaged teeth aren’t just uncomfortable—they’re also an opening for infection to take hold and spread to the rest of the mouth. Dental crowns protect the teeth from both pain and infection.

And the benefits of dental crowns don’t end there! There are plenty of other reasons why this style of restoration is so popular, like:

  • Dental crowns can improve your ability to chew comfortably
  • Protecting your teeth long-term from bacteria and decay
  • Natural appearance that will blend in seamlessly with your other teeth
  • With basic maintenance, dental crowns can well last over 15 years