Root Canal Treatment West Loop Chicago

Whether Better Oral Health Means Saving Smiles


Root canal treatment in West Loop Chicago is one of the most effective ways to save teeth from extraction. At Washington Dental Care, we take every step to ensure the comfort and safety of each patient so that when an infected tooth requires complex treatment, we can deliver successful, long-lasting results. Using advanced technologies and solutions, we can eliminate the pain, treat the tooth, and repair it so that optimal function is the ultimate goal. Call us today to find out more about root canal treatment and how it can help you smile longer.

Why Choose Washington Dental Care for Root Canal Treatment?

  • Weekend Appointments Available
  • Experienced Dentists with Years of Experience
  • Advanced Technology Designed for Added Comfort

Do I Need Root Canal Treatment?

Inside of a tooth

To determine whether you need root canal treatment, a member of our team will need to perform a visual examination as well as take digital images of your smile. Based on our findings, we will decide if this method of treatment is what you need to avoid possible tooth extraction.

In many cases, the most common signs associated with an infected tooth include:

  • Swollen gums
  • Tooth discoloration
  • Tooth sensitivity
  • Pain radiating through tooth and/or face
  • Loose tooth
  • Difficulty eating or chewing

The Root Canal Process

Patient undergoing root canal

When it’s time to start the root canal process, you can count on your dental team to administer local anesthesia to help numb your mouth. This will ensure that you feel no pain throughout treatment. We’ll then isolate the tooth using a dental dam so that saliva does not form around the infected tooth.

Once our team is ready, we’ll make a small opening in the top of the tooth (the crown) so that we can easily access the inner canals and layers of the tooth. Targeting the decay and infected areas, we will clear away harmful bacteria and clear out nearby canals before removing the damaged pulp, which consists of nerves and blood vessels.

When finished, we will fill the tooth with a biocompatible solution known as gutta percha to help seal off the tooth from future reinfection. After some time, we will place a customized dental crown on top of the tooth using the impressions taken of your tooth after root canal treatment.

This will allow your tooth to strengthen over time and function normally.

The Benefits of Getting a Root Canal

Man smiling at the dentist’s office after a root canal

There are many misconceptions about root canals, especially when it comes to pain. One of the greatest benefits of this type of treatment is the fact that it does not cause pain but instead eliminates it. By removing the pulp, which is the source of infection, it alleviates discomfort and allows for successful healing.

While there will be some soreness immediately following your procedure, it will dissipate in time.

Other added benefits that you can expect with root canal treatment include:

  • The fact that you’re able to keep your existing, natural tooth and avoid extraction
  • A natural-looking dental crown that will fit over your tooth and blend in with your smile
  • Restored function to your tooth so that you can eat, speak, and smile without worry
  • A cost-effective solution that eliminates the expense of tooth replacement